The Archer’s Checklist

Thursday, 01 March 2018 by

You know that feeling you have when packing for a trip and your gut is telling you that you forgot something? You are in the car or on the plane contemplating what item you left behind. Usually it is not a huge deal, but you still feel humiliated for leaving behind an essential item like a toothbrush or a swimsuit. Luckily in those situations, you can conveniently resort to stopping at a Walmart and buying those things. But in archery if you forget a piece of equipment once you’re at the tournament venue, you are more often than not out of luck. There isn’t much worse in the archery world than that sunken feeling when you open your case and realize that you’re missing a vital piece to your bow while your gut says, “I told you so”.

As we all have slowly settled back in the groove of day-to-day life after celebrating another lap around the sun, we want to take a minute to self-reflect on all the things we as a club, together, have accomplished.