Got a few lessons under your belt and looking to practice
what you’ve been taught? Need to sight in for the upcoming hunting season? New to the Media, PA area and want to find a place where you can shot your bow?

Whether you are shooting just for fun or practicing for an
upcoming tournament, both our indoor and outdoor ranges are open to all of our club members! While we have various programs, lessons, and private group sessions throughout the week, we also offer plenty of open shooting hours, too.

$10 per hour to shoot 

$50 per month for unlimited range time

Rent equipment for an additional $10

Indoor Shooting

No matter the season, you can shoot your bow inside of our indoor range! When it is too cold to be outside or you just prefer to shoot inside all year round, you can come and grab a spot on the line! With 7 target bales set up, we can accommodate comfortably 14 archers on the range at one time.

Each of our target bales also are on wheels. This allows you to move them close if you choose or keep them at 18 meters away, which is the official distance set by World Archery for indoor competitions.

Outdoor Shooting

We also have an outdoor range, which is typically open from April to the end of September depending on weather conditions. Our outdoor range can fit up to 16 bales across, which we spread out across various distances. Whether you want to shoot up close or need to practice at a certain distance for your next tournament, we provide targets ranging from 10 meters up to 70 meters away!

Open Shooting FAQs

An hour of shooting costs $10 or you can pay for unlimited shooting for the entire calendar month for $50.

Due to our weekly schedule of private events, lessons, and JOAD program, our open shooting hours do vary. To get the latest updates on open shooting hours, just give us a call! 

Yes, all archers who come to shoot must be members of Middletown Archery Club. 

Currently, reservations aren’t available for open shooting. Target openings are first come first serve, and we will do our best to accommodate everyone. 

If you have never shot archery before, we do recommend having at least one lesson before shooting on your own. That way, you can understand the fundamentals and know the safety procedures we promote as a club.