U.S National/JOAD National Indoor Championships Details

Hey, all! We hope everyone that is heading down to Virginia this upcoming weekend is excited for a FUN few days of competition! Before we all hit the road, we just wanted to send out a few reminders of some things to expect, as well as a couple new updates.


  • JOAD Round: Friday, March 2nd at 4pm (For most of you)
  • Indoor National Round: Saturday and Sunday, March 3rd-4th at 12pm (For most of you)
  • Scores from the Junior and Cadet Divisions will be used as qualifying scores for selection to the
    2018 Junior United States Archery Team (Jr.  USAT)
  • Need to arrive one hour before shooting time and set up equipment
  • When you arrive to the venue, look on walls for target assignments
  • Coach Cindy WILL be attending
  • Please make sure you’re wearing either khaki or black pants/shorts/skirt and team shirt
  • Fri. Night JOAD team shirt, Saturday new spirit wear green shirt, and Sunday JOAD team shirt
  • The shoot will last about 3 hours each day
  • Chairs are provided for archers and extra for family. Usually the first two rows are reserved for archers
  • Need to have at least 12 arrows and extra nocks
  • Need to have a extra bow string
  • Names have to be on your arrows. Use a Sharpie or paint pen
  • Parents: It’s helpful to have binoculars and folding chairs
  • Food will be sold, but selection is only snack food and drinks
  • Need to bring food (sandwiches, snacks, water/drinks, etc) for the archers to eat during competition
  • Team dinner will be held on Saturday night at Wood Grill at 7pm. Address: 1711 Reservoir St, Harrisonburg, VA. Meet at restaurant by 6:50pm
  • Download WhatsApp. Coach Cindy will be using this app to send updates to the team leading up to and throughout the weekend
  • You will be receiving or already received an email with everyone’s cell phone number that is going to VA. This list is just in case you need help and can’t reach Coach Cindy

If you have any questions/concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to Coach Cindy!