COVID-19 Protocols

For so many, the past 12 months have been difficult. Through these trying and unprecedented times though, we have been truly grateful for the continuous support from our club members and community. For that, we truly thank each and every one of you. We also want to continue to be a place where we can provide a safe environment for our archers to do what they love!  

This why, together, our efforts will provide that safe environment we strive to offer. The health of all of our archers, parents, staff, and coaches is our first and foremost priority. So how do we make sure we all are all doing our part to ensure that we are creating the safest way for us to continue to shoot archery during these times?

What We Are Doing

As far as our duties, we have being constantly coming up with new ways to make Middletown Archery Club as safe as possible for everyone that visits us. On our shooting line, we have set up plastic shields between each lane. While this unfortunately limits the amount of archers we can allow on the line at one time, it ensures that we are practicing safe distance while shooting. We also have set up a barrier at our checkout counter as well. We also continue to clean our entire facility regularly, and all of our rental equipment is thoroughly sanitized after each individual use.

What We Ask of You

We can’t do it all on our own either. With your help and cooperation, Middletown Archery Club will be able to give people a place to go and safely shoot their bow, buy new gear, and have their equipment fixed. We ask that anyone who comes to our facility is adhering to all the latest protocols advised by the CDC and local state officials.

That includes wearing a mask at all times when at Middletown Archery Club as well as practicing social distance (remaining six feet apart from others). We also ask to not touch one another, share any food or drinks, and keep all of your belongings to yourself. We also ask that if you or anyone in your household has been experience any of the symptoms of COVID-19, to please stay home to limit the risk of further infection.

If anyone in your immediate household is diagnosed with COVID-19 and you’ve recently been to the club, we ask that you also notify us. That way, we can make sure to stay transparent with everyone and take the right precautions to limit the spread of the virus.  

To limit the amount of people inside the club at one time, we also ask that parents only drop off their child when coming by for JOAD or a lesson. It is also good practice to set up your bow before entering and to leave as soon as you are done shooting so we can allow for others to come in and use our facilities.

We appreciate everyone’s flexibility and cooperation during these times, and we hope one day soon that we can all be gathered together, high fiving, and returning back to normal operations once again. But until then, these guidelines will be in place to ensure that we can at least enjoy shooting together in the meantime!