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Hours of Operation:

Monday–Friday: 4pm–8pm

Saturday: 10am–4pm

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD)

CoVid-19 JOAD Guideline: INDOOR GUIDELINES for JOAD 2020

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) is a program of USA Archery that teaches archery to young people, provides great opportunities for awarding achievement, and helps archers to enjoy the sport recreationally or progress to the excitement of competition!

Archery is also a Team Sport!

The unique culture of archery balances both the beneficial aspects one gains from both an individual sport as well as a team sport. You can set individual goals for yourself and be proud of the hard work you put in to achieving each personal target you aim to hit!

Along with that, it is a sport where you can make friends from all over! With out JOAD program, you will have fun shooting with your peers weekly and develop strong friendships while you all work on becoming better archers. Then as you travel together from tournament to tournament, you will have fun both on and off the shooting line with your teammates! Our JOAD team is one big family from supporting each other while shooting during tournaments to enjoy meals together while out of town after a successful day of shooting!

Who is JOAD For?

JOAD offers both recurve and compound archers the opportunity to learn range safety and proper shooting technique in an environment that also fosters focus, increased self-confidence, and team building skills. JOAD is open to any youth archer aged 8 to 20. Introductory JOAD classes teach the fundamentals of proper shooting form; as the young archer develops, they will learn more advanced techniques. Through JOAD, children will build friendships that will last a lifetime! And whether your child has aspirations to compete at the highest international lever or merely wants to participate recreationally, JOAD aids each archer strive to fulfill their goals!

JOAD Achievement Program

Children within the JOAD program can also earn Star Pins. These Star Pins are individual scoring achievements that each archer can earn in a variety of ways. USA Archery developed a scoring bracket where you can see what it takes to work your way up, through steadily improvement, and hopefully collect them all! These pins are a great way to remind archers that their competition is with themselves and improvement is the ultimate goal! To find out more about the Star Pins and both the scoring matrix for both recurve and compound archers within the indoor and outdoor seasons, you can CLICK HERE.

JOAD Rates

With Personal Equipment

$15.00 per Session
$50.00 per month

With Rental Equipment*

$25.00 per session
$85.00 per month
* All Archers must have own Finger Tab & Armguard


NOTE: Anyone using the range must be a MAC member. All JOAD participants must be MAC and USA Archery members.

NOTE: Initial private lessons required to join JOAD program