Outdoor Season is Here!

The sun is shining, the nights are becoming longer, and our outdoor field is all set up! We want to thank everyone that was able to come out first thing on a Saturday morning and help up us lay out the range. We appreciate the handful of hard workers we had show up to measure and line each distance and haul the stands and bales out of storage and onto the field!






And now that the bales are out, we hope everyone is as eager as us for outdoor JOAD to start up again!


We can’t contain our excitement to be back outside shooting!














The season will start on Wednesday, May 2nd from 6-8PM for our elite and travel archers. Our beginners and intermediates will begin the following week on Tuesday, May 8th from 6-7:30PM. If you are unsure of which group you are a part of, please double check with Coach Cindy. Also, here are a few things to remember for outdoor JOAD:

  • Only water allowed on field
  • Make sure you have 8-12 arrows with vanes
  • All arrows must have you name and number on the upper shaft
  • Need arrow puller
  • Need arrow lube
  • Need a quiver
  • Rain gear and beach towel in case it is raining
  • Bow stand (optional)
  • Two pencils in quiver at all times
  • Only coaches are allowed to use the medal detector
  • Make sure your target is staked down before shooting
  • Parents are more than welcome to stay. Bring a chair/blanket



If your are unsure of which distance you will shoot during tournaments, below is a friendly reminder for each classification!


Junior male and female – 70m on a 122cm target face
Cadet male and female – 60m on a 122 cm target face
Cub male and female – 50m on a 122cm target face
Bowman male and female – 30m on a 122cm target face


Junior male and female – 50m on an 80cm 6-ring target face
Cadet male and female – 50m on an 80cm 6-ring target face
Cub male and female – 30m on an 80cm 6-ring target face
Bowman male and female – 25m on an 80cm 6-ring target face



If you are looking for tournaments to shoot this season, please see our 2018 Outdoor Tournament Dates post. Whether it is a local shoot or a USAT ranking event, we will continue to update that page as well as our event tab on the website, with information on all the shoots that pertain to our team. So make sure to check in regularly with our site and our Facebook page to stay informed and so you can plan your schedule accordingly! Also note that most registrations are done individually online. So once you are registered for a tournament, please let Coach Cindy know which event(s) you will be attending.


Can’t wait to see everyone for what should be another fun and successful outdoor season!