Phase II of PEAK Mental Camp

After last year’s success at our PEAK Mental Strategy Camp, we are coming back again with Phase II for our camp. While we all understand the physical requirements of the shot process, the mental side is equally important. By attending this camp, you can begin to take a more holistic approach to your shooting and ultimately become a more well-rounded archer.

So what is this camp all about? Well for starters, it is led by coaches who have decades of experience. Over 90 years in fact between Linda Beck, Cindy Bevilacqua, and Larry Wise! Their goal for each archer that attends is to identify what mental strategies work best for them and learn how to incorporate those mental strategies confidentially into their shot process.

This will be done through presentations on mental strategy and putting archers into competitive scenarios that will replicate what they will experience in competition. Ultimately, this will help archers expand their own comfort zone, deal with adversity, and handle the emotions that come from competition, from excitement to nervousness.

We will also be having Dr. McDuff as a guest speaker. Dr. McDuff has worked as a sports psychologist and mental preparation trainer for the Baltimore Orioles so he has worked with many elite athletes that are constantly put into pressure situations during competition.  I have attached the schedule for your convenience.

Phase II of our PEAK Mental Strategy Camp will be taking place April 26-28, 2024 here at Middletown Archery Club. In order to register, you must fill out this form and complete your payment. If you have any questions at all, let coach Cindy know. Looking forward to another great camp with everyone!