Step Up Your Mental Game

In all sports, the mental side of the game is a huge part in the success of an athlete. That is especially true in the sport of archery, and that is why we are excited to be hosting once again this year an event that can let you master your mental game!

October 13th through the 15th, we will be having our Peak Mental Strategy Camp. Throughout the multi-day event, you can expect to learn about various aspects of the mental side of archery, including focus on:

  • Mindfulness – how to manage your attention and emotions
  • Self-Talk Statements – how to identify, write, and use statements to enhance performance
  • Focus Map – understand relationship of mind & body, how & when to shift focus (conscious, subconscious,
    self-image & more)
  • Breathing Routines – how and when to use them

The camp is led too by experienced coaches, Linda Beck, Cindy Bevilacqua, and Larry Wise, who have over 90 years of combined coaching experience. This year too, we are excited to welcome a special guest speaker, sports psychologist and mental preparation trainer for the Baltimore Orioles Dr. McDuff!

If you or your archer are interested in attending this year’s Peak Mental Strategy Camp, just fill out our registration form here and make payment via Venmo or check to Middletown Archery.